NON is handcrafted using high quality materials to ensure that pieces are enjoyed for years to come. Oxidation may naturally occur from everyday wear and tear. Please try the following to keep your pieces looking fresh.


    Although silver can also be cleaned using a variety of household products we advise that pieces are simply rubbed with a polishing cloth, damp cloth or cotton swab to remove tarnish. Do not use chemical cleaners to restore pieces. These chemicals can react with your jewelry making them turn strange colors.

  • GOLD

    Due to gold's nature, it does not oxidize like silver but overtime can lose its original shine. Simply wash pieces using warm water and mild soap to remove dirt and oils and restore pieces to original luster.


    Formica is a highly durable material but objects are handmade and should be handled with care. If your jewelry gets dirty gently wipe using alcohol and a cotton swab.


    Sourced from second hand and dead-stock warehouses buying vintage jewelry helps to limit waste and save energy. Although these pieces are inspected for the quality they have been loved by previous owners and should be handled with care.


    When highly polished brass will have an appearance similar gold. The surface will naturally oxidize over time becoming more antique. Depending on your preference brass can be easily polished using household products such as toothpaste or ketchup to restore luster and shine.


  • Remove jewelry before using moisturizer, perfume, or washing hands. These products contain oils and chemicals that leave residue on your pieces increase the rate of tarnish and wear.

  • The same goes for swimming pools, showers and working out. Continuous contact with sweat, water and pool chemicals can the break down of metal and damage stones.

  • To minimize surface scratches and avoid tangling do not store jewelry altogether. Keep jewelry in a padded box or dust bag when not being worn. Store your jewelry in a dust bag or a padded box when you’re not wearing it. When jumbled together, pieces can get tangled or scratch each other.

For any questions about care or repair please email contactthemaker@gmail.com